Power Pro Spectra Braided Fishing Line 80 lb Test 1500 Yards
Hi-Vis Yellow 80lb


PowerPro is the roundest, smoothest casting, easiest to use Superline on the market, period.  Unequalled sensitivity and hook setting power let you feel the smallest strike and set the hook with confidence.  PowerPro works great on conventional or spinning reels.  Made with 100% Spectra Fiber, this mocrofilament braided line is stronger, smoother, thinner, and more resistant.  It winds easily on to any type of reel without retaining memory.  Make every strike count with PowerPro!


Pound Test: 80 lb (37 kg)
Amount on Spool: 1500 yards (1370 m)
Diameter: .43 mm
Mono Line Diameter Equivalent: 18
Color: Hi-Vis Yellow

We are an authorized Shimano Power Pro dealer


Shipping weight is 2 lb     Box is 7 x 7 x 7 or Region A

No. 1T010042


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