PowerPro Hollow Ace Braid Fishing Line 40lb Test 500yd
White Hollow Core

PowerPro Hollow Ace is the next generation hi-performance hollow core line which allows you to create fingertrap splices.  Hollow Ace uses a 16 Spectra Fiber construction to create superior connection strength.  The enhanced body technology process creates incredible abrasion resistance and strength to diameter ratio.  Rigging examples include splicing mono/fluorocarbon, hollow-to-hollow connection, whip-a-loop, or making a wind-on leader.  For superior structure, durability, and connection strength, rely on PowerPro Hollow Ace.


Pound Test: 40 lb
Amount on Spool:  500 yards
Color: White

We are an authorized Shimano Power Pro dealer.  We also stock the
Shimano Hollow-Ace Splicing Kit.


Shipping weight is 9 oz     Box is 8 x 6 x 4

No. 1T04380


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