Lee Fisher Mako 6' Nylon Casting Net 3/8" Mesh White Bait Cast Net
Model CBT-SN6


New Mako Nylon Webbing Cast Net model CBT-SN6
Not mono like most nets - these are made from nylon string
6 foot (radius) premium grade cast net
Made from #197 nylon webbing in the color white
3/8" (3/4" stretched) mesh for catching bait Size 3" to 6"
Good for catching greenbacks, pinfish, shad, threadfins, shinners, & silversides
1 lb per radius foot of real lead weight
Hand line is approx 20'
Panel design construction
Conventional swivel and 80 lb test brail lines
Features quality materials and workmanship 

    Shipping weight is 8 lbs   Box size is 10 x 8 x 8

No. 1T03600

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