2 Jackall Rerange 110 HL Silver Shad 4.3" Jerkbait
Fishing Lures JRERA110-HLSILS

This listing is for a Set of 2 Rerange 110 HL Silver Shad Lures


The Rerange 110 has incredible casting distance and great action by using Jackall’s new specific weight transfer system call “TG Zero Friction”.  This new system uses a specifically designed tungsten weight covered with a fluorine tube that allows the weight to move effortlessly.  During casts, nearly 20% of the lure’s weight transfers to the back, allowing it be thrown long distances.  The Rerange 110 has the ability to dive to about 4 ft.  When twitched, you can see clear darting action left and right.  The Rerange’s ability to twitch and jerk so well in the water, makes it the perfect minnow lure to fool bass.  It has a flat part on both sides which creates flashes while it is darting back and forth.  This lure is able to switch on those predatory instincts that bass are born with.  

• Features the "TG Zero Friction" weight transfer sytstem
• Weight transfer system produces incredible casting distance
• When twitched, this lure produces superb lifelike darting action
• Flat part on both sides create flashes to attract big bass
• Features 3 ultra-sharp hooks
• Length is 4.3"
• Weight is .5 ounces
• Color is HL Silver Shad 

    Shipping weight is 5 oz    Box is 6 x 4 x 4

No. 1T02008

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