2 Jackall Chopcut Bone White 3Ό Topwater Prop
Fishing Lures JCHOPC-BW

This listing is for a Set of 2 Chopcut Bone White Lures


The most distinctive feature of the Chopcut prop lure is that is can make loud noises and bubbles on the surface.  The props are also different lengths which creates different sounds depending on the speed you retrieve it.  You can use this lure with a dead slow retrieve, fast retrieve, and even walk the dog action.  The prop also transmits vibrations to the rear of the lure which disturbs the surface much better.  The Chopcut also features a special front wire to prevent the line from tangling with the prop so you can keep fishing worry free.  Another key design feature is the swiveling front hook which helps prevent bass from throwing the lure.  The Jackall Chopcut propbait provides a truly unique topwater presentation that fish can’t resist.

• Unique prop lure produces lots of noises and bubbles
• Makes different sounds depending on retrieve speed
• Special front wire prevents tangled line
• Swiveling front hook helps keep bass from spitting the lure 
• Length is 3.25"
• Weight is approx. 4/5 ounces
• Color is Bone White

    Shipping weight is 7 oz    Box is 6 x 4 x 4

No. 1T02332

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