Grande Bass Rattlesnake Bait 4.5" Watrmelon Seed 4 Pkgs      


* GrandeBass Rattlesnake 4.5" Bait
* 4 packages of 4.5" rattlesnake baits with 8 baits to a package
* Color is watermelon seed for all 4 packages

* Unique ring pattern, size, and spacing creates one-of-a-kind "fish catching" action
* Tight ring design allows the bait to capture air for a great stand-up presentation
* Injected with MEGA3 to ensure the lunkers hold on as if it were real prey
* MEGA3 combines the most powerful bass attractants and masking formula
* Can be fished in any condition in any rigging style
* Fish Big - Fish Grande

    Shipping weight is 13 oz

No. 1T01264

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