Betts Super Pro 10' Cast Net 5/8 Menhaden Casting 19-10  




* New Super Pro Menhaden Cast Net stock no. 19-10
* 10 foot (radius) professional guide quality casting net
* 5/8" mesh for catching bait sizes 7" to 12"
* This is a panel net made with 6 panels
* Made for catching bait in medium to deep water depths
* This is an excellent net for shrimping
* A truly professional cast net designed by the best net man in the business
* Perfectly weighted for maximum spread & fast sinking (1.4 lb. per radius ft.)
* Made with extra braille lines to keep the catch from falling out
* Inner core leadline forces the net to fully open
* Monofilament netting is engineered to be soft yet super strong
* All tied knots are hand glued for exceptional quality
* Treated bonded thread will not slip or rot
* Easy to learn instructions are included

* Designed by the man who knows and uses casts nets

    Shipping weight is 22 lbs   Box size is 12 x 12 x 12

No. 1T010026


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