Berts Custom Tackle Triple Tree MF3000 Buff Bright Bert's
Multiple Rod Holder

The photo below shows how the Triple Tree can be used to
hold up to 3 of the rod holders. 
This listing does NOT include
the rod holders or mounting track shown below.  The photo
below is only to show how the tree is to be used.  This listing
is only for the "Triple Tree MF3000" pictured above.


* New Bert's Custom Tackle Multi Rod Holder Tree model MF3000
* Stainless steel anodized aluminum construction with Buff Bright finish
* Track is 17" long with a 4" stanchion riser
* Easily accommodates 3 Bert's Ratcheting Rod Holders
* We are an authorized Bert's Custom Tackle dealer

    Shipping weight is 3 lbs    Box size is 18" x 6" x 5"

No. 1T04025


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