Berts Custom Tackle Swivel Rod Tree Bert's MF3640
Multi Rod Holder Buff Bright

The photo below shows how the Swivel Tree can rotate 360
and lock every
90 degrees.  The base is spring loaded, just
pull up on the tree and swivel it to the desired position and it
locks down automatically



* New Swivel Rod Tree MF3640 from Bert's Custom Tackle
* Anodized aluminum construction with Buff Bright finish
* Holds 3 rods with vertical separation
* Use the top holder for a net or an additional rod
* Swivels 360 and locks in four 90 positions

* Mounts on the Port or Starboard gunwale of your boat
* Allows you to run in-line planers with less chance of tangles
* We are an authorized Bert's Custom Tackle dealer

** This rod tree is mounted using Bert's Track which is sold separately.
    A description of the track is shown at the bottom of this listing.


** Bert's Mounting Track (sold separately)


* Bert's Custom Tackle Mounting Track
* Anodized aluminum construction with Buff Bright finish
* The length of this track is 6" and end caps are included
* Track installs easily on gunwales or crossbeams
* Stainless steel mounting hardware and instructions are included with track
* This item is not included with this listing - It is sold separately


    Shipping weight is 9 lbs   Box size is 43" x 11" x 6"

No. 1T020760


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