Berts Custom Tackle Rod Corral 8 Rod Holder MF3549
With 2 Bert's Base

The photo below shows how the Rod Corral can be used to store
and display your rods at home.  This listing includes an extra section
of 6" Bert's track so you can make a base for your home.  This listing

does not include the wooden base that the track screws into.  We
made a simple one to use in the picture below to show how it could
be done.  You could have a professional base made to display your
rods inside your home, or you could make a simple one like we did to
store your rods in the garage or storeroom.  You will need to make your
own wooden base or have someone make it for you. 
This listing does
not include the wood part of the base.
  It does include the metal track.

 This listing comes with 2 Bert's Bases as shown below.
  One to attach to your boat and one for a base at you home.


This listing if for the Rod Corral that is made to fit into a Bert's Base.
A close-up of the of the bottom of this Rod Corral is shown below.
The Rod Corral is also available with a Springfield pedestal base or
an Atwood pedestal base that fits into an existing seat socket already
on your boat.  Check our other listings if you would prefer a Rod
Corral with a different base.




* New Bert's Custom Tackle Rod Corral MF3549 with 2 Bert's Bases
* Holds 8 rigged rod/reel combos of any length
* Each rod can be removed individually with ease
* No worry about rods falling - they are locked in, but are easy to remove
* Just slide the Rod Corral out of the track attached to your boat & take it home
* Easy to carry by gripping one of the side bars
* Holds & protects the rods and reels & makes off-the-boat storage easy
* A great way to store and display expensive rods in your home
* We are an authorized Bert's Custom Tackle dealer


    Shipping weight is 14 lbs   Box size is 36" x 14" x 11"

No. 1T017315


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