Berts Custom Tackle Black Lexan Plastic Rod Holder Bert's MF3237 Set of 3  





* Set of 3 New Bert's Custom Tackle Rod Holders model MF3237
* Made from tough, attractive black Lexan plastic
* Multiple adjustments allow you to fine tune your rod presentation
* Features 5 ratcheting vertical positions and 8 ratcheting horizontal positions

* When a fish is on, easily pull the rod straight up with the ratcheting system
* Lifting vertically allows the angler quicker hook sets
* Gimbal pin provides anti-twist for gimbal rods

* One handed push button operation
* Can be mounted with a Bert's base or mounted directly using the 4 bolt holes
* Mounting track is not included
* We are an authorized Bert's Custom Tackle dealer

    Shipping weight is 6 lbs    Box size is 16" x 12" x 6"

No. 1T09621


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